We identify ourselves as a Startup Studio.


Essentially, we are a company that creates companies. We conceive, launch, and scale companies of tomorrow through disruptive business strategy, world – class design, and learn product development.

Artsys is about crafting technology products that are both artistic and systematic. Our process focuses on building the minimally viable business. We usually quickly prototype the product, branding and go-to-market strategy – launch it to the intended market segment to get real-time feedback. That’s our philosophy of launching startups.


Artsys as a Startup Platform


We provide critical infrastructure, talent, services, and resources that companies need to innovate and scale quickly. 



Product development

Marketing & Personal Relation 

Sales & Go-to-Market

Recruiting & Human Resource

Branding & Creative Services

Finance & Accounting

Back Office & Incorporation 

Infrastructure & Equipments